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Amazing Experiments for Beginners

Amazing Experiments for Beginners
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Welcome to the world of everything interesting and exciting! One can perform educational and fascinating experiments with the help of the components of this set and detailed instructions with photos! Learn something new about plants, air, water and many other things! Everything the most interesting about NATURE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY in practical experiments. They are so easy that can be performed even by a child starting from the age of 6 years.

• Code: 0397 (12114073A)
• Size: 30x44x6 cm
• Age: 6+
• TM (Trade Mark): Ranok Creative
• The kit contains:
- chemical agents,
- equipment for the experiments,
- detailed instruction with pictures
24 exciting experiments, including:
• Lawn on the table
• Live picture
• Crying leaf
• Rootlet reviving
• Live labyrinth
• Wonder-spinning top
• Ball in the jar
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