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Snafy. Card game.Snafy. Card game.
Code: 19160610

Snafy is the card game thats easy to pick up and impossible to put down. Intelligible instructions and interesting game is all needed to have a good time. The main idea is to work on a child's reaction and interaction with other kids. A person who is the first to collect 12 special cards wins the game.
Dreamery. Party game.Dreamery. Party game.
Code: 19160609

It is a fascinating and funny board game with clear rules and unique author illustrations. You will find out how much your fantasy is developed and guess how your opponents think. Forget about logic and common sense. Rely on your fantasy and intuition! This board game is the best way to develop them.
Battle of Wizards.  Strategy card gameBattle of Wizards. Strategy card game
Code: 19160611

Thanks to a new strategy game "Battle of Wizards" you will have a chance to become a Great Wizard. This is a unique opportunity to make the world around you an exciting challenge, full of secrets and mystery. Whats more you can match your strength with other wizards. Dip into the Magic world and let the best Wizard win!
Products → New! Board Games