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Big Sets of Experiments

 Product Name
Amazing Experiments for BeginnersAmazing Experiments for Beginners
Code: 0397 (12114073A)

Welcome to the world of everything interesting and exciting! One can perform educational and fascinating experiments with the help of the components of this set and detailed instructions with photos! Learn something new about plants, air, water and many other things! Everything the most interesting about NATURE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY in practical experiments. They are so easy that can be performed even by a child starting from the age of 6 years.
Young PhysicistYoung Physicist
Code: 15160200A

100 interesting & safe experiments:
- water engine
- segner wheel
- handmade kaleidoscope
- electric separation
- electric motor model
- living paper flower
- fountain in a jar
Young ChemistYoung Chemist
Code: 15160201A

119 interestingand safe experiments:
- volcano on the table
- matches and magnetism
- artificial snow
- DIY batteries
- fireproof thread
- fantastic scenery
- coded letter
Experiments with CrystalsExperiments with Crystals
Code: 15160202A

This kit will give a child the chance togrow independently big blue coppersulphate crystals, make a diamondcrown or "snow" from salt and performmany other interesting experiments.
Science Home Lab. Basic LevelScience Home Lab. Basic Level
Code: 12160279A

With the help of this set children will be able to deepen knowledge on chemistry and physics, share this knowledge with friends and teachers at school!
Science Home Lab. Medium LevelScience Home Lab. Medium Level
Code: 12160280A

Continuation of cognitive aquaintance with the world around us in the most interesting experiments.
It is a set for those children who have initial basic knowlege on chemistry and also for the advanced level of users.
Sparkling Experiments for GirlsSparkling Experiments for Girls
Code: 12160283A

An incredible set for those girls who love shine! There are 9 most interesting experiments of growing crystals and creating wonderful sparkling crafts and gifts. They are 100% safe. One can make them easily using chemicals and equipment from the set sa well as step-by-step instructions that are illustrated with photos very well.
Science or Magic?Science or Magic?
Code: 12160281A

With this magic and at the same time scientific set a child gets an opportunity to get acquainted with the laws of physics in an exciting way. Your kid will be able not only to demonstrate sleight of hand and wonders of magic, but will become interested in physics sa well!
Products → Sets of Experiments → Big Sets of Experiments