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Fashionable Nails

Fashionable Nails
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Various examples of nail design thatwill suit any occasion, valuable advice,a number of elements of the kit – allthis will help you make wonderful naildesigns yourself

• Code: 5603
• Size: 32x22x5 cm
• Age: 7+
• TM (Trade Mark): Ranok Creative
• The kit contains:
- tray for manicure
- manual on home manicure and nail design
- set of false nails, glue
- nail file
- nail varnish fixer
- brush for applying glitter
- stickers for nail design
- nail varnish of three colours (pink, white, cherry red)
- French manicure nail stickers
- crystals
- glass powder
- glitter
- glass beads (white)
- mica
- stars
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