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News → Instagram takes a bigger piece of the ecommerce pie

The Instagram shoppable post feature has now extended to eight more countries; the France, Italy, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Spain and Canada. As a result, etailers in these countries can now use transactional links within their Instagram posts directed to their shops.

Facebook owns Instagram and it currently has around 800m customers. They introduced this in the U.S. in 2017 by allowing the creation of special transactional accounts without having to pay a contribution to Facebook. With around 25% of Instagram users visiting more than one business page every day this clearly provides a potentially lucrative new sales channel.

Additionally, the, “Shopping on Instagram,” feature is a self-service tool now provided that lets marketers tag up to 5 products per image, or 20 products per carousel, in the same way that friends would normally be tagged in photos. These shopping give customers immediate access to product details and pricing within their Instagram feeds and they can also use the, “Shop,” tab on business profiles.

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