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New!Interesting Experiments In The Laboratory with UFO

<h10><strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></h10>Interesting Experiments  In The Laboratory with UFO
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Hi, experimentator! Today you will become a real exobiologist. Do you know who it is? It is a scientist who looks for a life on other planets. You will open your real laboratory and will research a being from another planet with the help of the set "Interesting experiments IN THE LABORATORY WITH UFO"! Go ahead! 7 experiments.

• Code: 12160550
• Size: 18,5247 cm
• Age: 8+
• TM (Trade Mark): Ranok Creative
• The kit contains:
Sodium alginate (Algin, (C6H8O6)n)
hloride of calcium (CaCl2)
Food dye (red, dark blue, yellow)
Plastic mould for an alien
Wooden sticks
Jar with a cover for keeping organs of a being from another planetbr
Protective mask
Protective glasses
Disposable gloves
Detailed instructions
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