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New!Interesting Experiments With Hot Ice

<h10><strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></h10>Interesting Experiments With Hot Ice
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Welcome to the fascinating world of science! Due to the set "Interesting experiments WITH HOT ICE" you will get a possibility to freeze up liquid with one sweep and at the same time to get hot ice, to create an unusual hot "icicle". Amaze your friends with unusual science skills! Detailed description of experiments won’t let you to be mistaken! 5 experiments.

• Code: 12160549А
• Size: 18,5х24х7 cm
• Age: 8+
• TM (Trade Mark): Ranok Creative
• The kit contains:
Sodium Acetate (CH3COONa)
Wooden stick
Petri dish
Protective glasses
Disposable gloves
Detailed instructions
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