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Experiment Set. Your 5 Senses

Experiment Set. Your 5 Senses
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It is wonderful that the world around us is colorful and bright! Birds are singing, the music is playing, the sea is roaring.Flowers smell sweet in the summer glade, the aroma of a delicious pie comes from the kitchen..A person can feel that due to his five senses. You may wonder how it happens?
You can find out it thanks to the set of experiments "Your five senses". The set includes 16 experiments and observations.

• Code: 12160564
• Size: 15,523,54
• Age: + 6
• TM (Trade Mark): Ranok-Creative
• The kit contains:
Cups with lids
Rubber bands
PVA glue
Scotch tape
Wooden sticks
Relief pictures
Template for a rattle
Template for a whirligig

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