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Experiment Set. Weather

Experiment Set. Weather
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Does everybody wonder what weather will be tomorrow? Will it be cold or hot? Or maybe will it be necessary to take an umbrella. Who knows what weather conditions wait for us in the nearest future? People who forecast the weather are called weather forecasters. They collect information from all over the world, process it and broadcast it over TV, radio or via the Internet so that we find out what weather we will have within the next few days.
You will have fun and spend time cognitively together with this set, you will become a real weather forecaster and will learn to forecast the weather. The set includes 9 experiments and observations.

• Code: 12160559А
• Size: 15,5х23,5х4
• Age: + 6
• TM (Trade Mark): Ranok-Creative
• The kit contains:
Plastic container
Wooden sticks
Soda straws
Scotch tape
Measuring scale
Template for a compass
Plastic cup
Detailed instructions
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